How great is the quality of services from KingEssays company?

KingEssay products and services

I have been a freelancer for quite a long time, and I have many clients who give me massive loads of work almost daily. Just a few months ago, I felt there was a need to hire a writing company to help with my writing needs. And because of the nature of my job, I have learned to rely on the Internet in case I need to know something. I, therefore, opted to search the web for a good writing company.

I needed a company that was located either in the UK or USA because most of my clients are native English speakers. I bumped into several websites, and I decided to choose one that was based in London. is the company I chose. I think the name also deceived me. Read this review of KingEssays to the end and learn from my experience.

False Information

The King Essays site indicated that I would receive discounts and coupon codes of 5% after paying for their services. Also, they had advertised a promo code on their page. I thought this was the best place for me since I needed bulk work every day. I had never imagined that I could be scammed. So, I assumed that all the information was true. I looked for their toll number and gave them a call. Well, a customer care representative answered my call, and I gladly explained what I needed.

After carefully listening to me, she told me that is a company with many qualified native writers. Further, I was told that their prices were the best and their content was excellent. And because they could handle bulk work, I decided to start off by paying for 15 articles. I made the payment through PayPal since that is what I had been instructed. After the payment, King Essays sent me a message that my content would be ready in the next five days.

Low-Quality Content

I felt relaxed knowing that I had found a solution. I decided to continue with the rest of the writing assignment as I waited for a response from Well, you should know that the articles were only 250 words each. I believe that ought to have taken the shortest time possible considering that the company had many writers. However, I didn’t worry much since my clients had given me an allowance of two weeks to submit the work. After five days, they sent the articles.

Wait a minute… could I even differentiate between the first paragraph and the second one? The structure of the article was very poor, grammatical errors could be seen all over the place, and there were no citations whatsoever.

It was total rubbish! I could not accept such work. I doubt that native speakers wrote the articles, anyway.

The same problems highlighted in various professional reviews which you can found around the web.

Unsatisfied Customers’ Testimonials

Because of this, I thought I should carefully go through the website and see some customer feedback and testimonials. It could have been that they had hired new writers who were inexperienced. “Poor me!”

The reviews were astonishing. All customer reviews were negative. Dear me, what was I to tell my esteemed customers? Did I even think soberly by paying for all 15 articles at once?

I don’t believe in making losses. I opted to have revisions done. I decided to call them again to have the corrections started ASAP! However, I thought about the days that had already gone to waste, the money that I had lost when I paid for the services and opted to look for local writers to help me do the revisions.

Up to now, I have not contacted again but I learned a good lesson. I chose to write this review to warn the public about this company. As much as I value a good relationship with them, I cannot give another rating than poor because of the trouble and loss I had to endure.