How is EssayExpertPro.com different from all other companies offering academic writing services to students?

We believe in quality services and boosting the academic purpose of learners. Hence, every customer is given attention on a personal level. This makes it easier for us to understand their needs. Our services are affordable and are provided by competent and qualified writers. These components have helped us to become one of the best websites for essay writing.

Is it free to place an order with EssayExpertPro.com?

Yes, you can place an order with us for free. You will only be required to pay for the writing services.

How does EssayExpertPro.com work?

Initially, you will fill in an order form with your details and that of the paper you need. Our writers will then apply for the order. You can profile them based on their academic qualifications, experiences, rank, and sample styles to identify one that is the best fit to meet your needs. You agree with the writer on the terms of the contract and prices to be charged. He or she is left to work on your paper.

Can I monitor my order and how?

Yes, you can monitor your order.

It is facilitated by our customer care that is available all the time, or you could directly link up with the writer. You can communicate on issues affecting the order.

What are the formatting styles available for your custom papers?

We have various formatting styles. Their applicability will depend on the specification you have provided about the assignment. Some of the styles we use are APA, Chicago, and MLA formatting styles.

How will the writer access my writing materials?

You can communicate with our writers through various channels once you have set a contract with us. Emails are popularly used to avail the materials to the writers.

FAQ (writers)

Can I talk to the writer tackling my paper?

Yes. This is allowed since you have to monitor the progress of your paper or offer additional information about the assignment.

When I place an order, how can I select a writer for my paper?

It is an easy process. Each writer has published a sample of their work. You can use the samples to select the writer. If you have a specific writer you want to handle your paper, feel free to ask. You will then agree, and the writer will start working on your paper.

FAQ (Security, Discretion, and Guarantees)

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. Our refund policy is 100% functional. It is applied when there is a breach of contract with any of our customers. However, there are rare occurrences of such.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes. We value the privacy of our customers. We ensure that you information does not get to any unauthorized parties. This means that third parties cannot access it. You will also sign a non-disclosure agreement that will ensure that your privacy is maintained.

Is your deadline policy operational?

Yes. While placing your order, you are required to fill in the time frame. We are a professional company that ensures that your paper gets to you in time.